How to annotate your digital sheets?

With ChorusPlay, you can annotate your digital music sheets: this possibly enables you to be 100% digital, with all your annotated sheets available to you at any time!

Annotations are possible at any time from ChorusPlay: open annotations toolbar with  button, in the bottom screen bar.

Annotations bar shows up:

The pencil button  is activated by default, meaning that you can draw, write, … and create an annotation anywhere on the screen.

By selecting black disc , change your annotation color: disc adapts and change its color . By selecting the button at its right , modify the width of your annotation lines.

By selecting the button , “hand” tool is selected () and “pencil” tool unselected (). You can then move any annotation “carrying” it with finger, and change its size clicking and moving icon.

You can also select and move/resize several annotations at once drawing a frame around all desired annotations, when hand tool is enabled. When one or several annotations are selected, you can change their color and thickness.

The arrows  and  will undo and redo your previous actions.

The button  will delete the selected annotation(s), or the one being drawn if pencil tool  is enabled.

To hide annotations toolbar and come back to normal screen, press .

Remark: while you are in annotation mode, that is to say when annotations toolbar is visible, you can’t scroll in the page (vertically) or between pages (horizontally). To scroll, you have to leave annotations mode ().

Whatever action you do, keep in mind that annotations are automatically saved in real time, they will reappear as they stands when you will reopen the same music sheet next time 🙂

In a next version, we will add the text and highlighter features!

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