How to listen and read a piece in the "I practice by myself or with my teacher" mode?

ChorusPlay enables to learn a new piece by listening recorded parts while reading the music sheet and visualizing the current bar. To reach that reading mode, in ChorusPlay menu:

  • select space “I practice by myself”, then open the piece and your part
  • press with your finger the bar you wish to start with (by default, will be the first bar)
  • press on  , then  to stop
  • Button  allows you to go back directly to starting bar, if you are for example on another page

Button  allows to choose the visual following mode:

  • (by default) : current bar is highlighted, and switch to next without any transition (unlike in “smooth” mode)
  • : cursor moves in a fluent way, in order that you have a not intrusive and disturbing cursor
  • : current line is highlighted
  • : by default, nothing is highlighted, but as soon as you tap on the score, “smooth” mode is enabled for a few seconds

Button   allows you to annotate your digital sheet, and to record these annotations. For more information, this article. If the score has been prepared with “separated voices”, then you can use audio mixer () to put your voice more or less loud according to others. This video shows quickly how it works. Button    allows you to select the listening mode:

  •  (by default): original tempo
  •  : you can listen with a reduced tempo (read this article for further information)
  •  : metronome is available. Use buttons  et  to start and stop the metronome. Change the tempo with the button .

To highlight or remove the highlight from your voice, open left menu and check/uncheck button .

If you want to record yourself or your teacher, open the modes list at the bottom right of the screen , and choose “Recording” . To know how to record, consult this article.

Remark: if you play the role of leader during a rehearsal, you have access also to the listen mode. In that purpose, slide to the left the bar menu down on the page: buttons , and will appear.

To leave the score screen, press the “back” key of your Android device, or open left menu and press “Back to menu”.

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