How to sequence a reference record?

Reference record association

(A video tutorial is available here) Preliminary : identify the reference record (YouTube, Deezer, …) and convert it in mp3 format. Move this correct mp3 file to the “Download” file of the tablet. Then, open ChorusPlay, click on “I prepare my scores”, and enable “I am preparator” switch at the top right of the screen. Click on “Prepare a score”, navigate in the library towards the piece you wish to sequence, have a long press on it (icon  ). Select “Associate an mp3 file”, then select the mp3 file in the window.


(A video tutorial is available here, in French)

Once all mp3 files have been associated, you’re ready! Select again “Prepare a score”, select the music work and the score you want to use to sequence (the score will just be a visual support, the sequencing will be common to all scores of the same music work). The first step is to check that voices are synchronized, listening to the score (button ). If they are not, which is rare, you can go read this article to learn how to synchronize them in ChorusPlay (you must synchronize them before starting the sequencing process).

  1. In the steps list (button ), select “Sequencing”. You can then see all not-sequenced bars displayed in a light red.
  2. Press the play button , and at music piece start and at each new bar, press  (or the pedal). Current bar is colored in blue. As soon as a bar is sequenced, it’s not colored anymore.
  3. In case of mistake, in order to « de-sequence », press:  all bars already sequenced are lighted in dark red. Press the bar, or the bars you wish to sequence again. (You have not the possibility to de-sequence the current starting bar, except if it is the first bar of the piece).


  • periodically, and when the sequence is completed, save it! ()
  • you may sequence in several phases : if you save, close and re-open, the first part of the sequence will be saved and loaded back
  • you may de-sequence only one bar between many other sequenced bars
  • you may select with your finger, as always, the bar you wish to start a sequencing phase. But this bar must be either the first bar of the piece, or a bar sequenced in a previous phase. It cannot be a non sequenced bar (light red).
  • “multirest” bars, are horizontally split according to the number of bars included. As an example, to de-sequence the 2d bar of a multi rest of 4, press the second quarter of the bar.


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