How to import materials for a prepared piece?

When they prepared materials for a piece, preparators can send a file (with .chor extension) to members of their group, or upload it on our online sharing platform (having the agreement of right owners or using a public domain score). Besides, as from today, there you can download scores that we prepared ourselves :). You can also get “certified” preparations on our platform ChorusCommunity, on which we propose in parallel to choir members to record voices of their scores by professional singers.

When you obtain a .chor file (received by email or directly downloaded by you), you have two solutions to import the new score:

  • From your tablet/smartphone, click directly on the file (by your files manager on the tablet) or on the email attachment if you received it by email
  • Or, from your computer, move the .chor file into the “Download” tablet folder, then open ChorusPlay, select “I prepare my scores”, click on “Import a music work” and finally on the .chor file.

ChorusPlay is now open: choose where you want to import the music work, and press “OK”. You can now open and listen to your new score! 🙂 In case the scan of music sheets are not included (e.g. for copyright restrictions), the application will ask you to import the scan you will have made from your own music sheets, and then to adjust the layers.

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