How to initiate a layer?

Our objective is to help less experienced musicians and reduce the workload for those guiding them. Here is a short video about scores preparation with ChorusPlay.

Preliminary : gather the pdf scans of music sheets you own, or scan them (*). As of today, you need to have one PDF file will all pages of the voice/instrument included. No rule the way you name these files.

(*) Important : please contact right holders if any doubt.

Page set up

Video tutorial to import a pdf (in French)

  1. Manually copy the pdf files in the “Download” folder on your tablet.
  2. Download and install ChorusPlay on your tablet, and import each respective PDF files, one after the other, by selecting “I prepare my scores”, then “I am preparator” (upper right), then “Import PDF file”.
  3. For each imported PDF file, you have to define which music work this score belongs to, and the name of its instrument/voice.
  4. Then you can adjust the first page layout by rotating and cropping, and do the same for next pages. Here is the video tutorial (in French) for score page layout.
  5. Finally, you can go directly for mapping, or come back to the menu to import a new PDF file.

Remark 1: it’s possible to plug a mouse to the tablet, to have a different comfort, more resembling to the use of a PC.

Remark 2: for scores owning several voices (for example for choirs scores), you must (for now) prepare a different score support for each voice. To duplicate a score support, click on “Prepare a score”, choose the concerned score and press “Map a new voice”. Do it as much as you have voices.

(**) You may experiment difficulties when importing PDF files, if your device is a bit old. If, when you import a PDF, you have one or several white pages, go into ChorusPlay settings (left menu  on main screen), select “Quality reduction level…” and “Light reduction”, this should solve the problem. Otherwise, select “Strong reduction”, but this will highly decrease scores quality. Warning: scores quality will be decreased in a visible way, so be sure problem is recurrent (try to import PDF again) before checking the box. In some cases, you may experiment difficulties when, importing PDF file in ChorusPaint, the result is a black page, for example. We recommend to convert your PDF file through this site. This has solved most of the incidents we have had experienced today.


(Video tutorial to make the mapping)

A full textual description is available here.

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