How to share music work materials?

ChorusPlay allows to share materials within members of a group:

  • after having made the mapping of the scores of a music work, you can for example send the overall music work to the person in charge of sequencing/recording (if it’s not you!).
  • after voices have been sequenced/record, you can diffuse the music work to other group members.

As a contribution to intellectual property protection of publishers and partners, sharing ChorusPlay preparation is not possible for preparations realized by ChorusPlay and partners, neither on potential copies of those.

The extension of the files for these exchanges is .chor. To export a music work from ChorusPlay, open the “I prepare my catalogue” space, choose the mode “I ‘m a preparator” on the top right, then “I prepare a piece”. Navigate to music work you want to share (symbol ) and make a long press on it. From the list of functionalities, 2 of them contribute to share:

  • with « Export music work », you will save the file with .chor format, this file will be available in the “Download” repository of your tablet. You can then provide this file to other members of the group (mail, USB key, DropBox, …) for their import on their equipment.
  • with « Share music work », you can send directly the .chor file as an attachment of a mail (under the condition the size of the file is under the limit of your mail provider (around 15 Mo for Gmail).

For now, .chor files includes:

  • music sheets (you can include them or not, depending on copyright restrictions)
  • maps if available
  • audio files, if available (with the appropriate copyright restrictions)
  • sequencing, if available
  • annotations, if available (you can include them or not)

Reminder : it is the full responsibility of the user to secure the agreement of right owners before sharing elements. To know more about how to import materials, go here !

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