How to use ChorusPlay during rehearsals?

Preliminary : you have installed ChorusPlay and the materials of the pieces for the rehearsal, in respect to copyright rules. Three ways are offered to connect the tablets together :

  • One tablet (or smartphone) creates the WIFI network (“I practice with my group” space, menu  on the top left, then Create network WiFi “ChorusPlay”). Other tablets can then connect to WiFi network “ChorusPlay”, via the WIFI parameters menu in Android, as for any domestic network. We recommend to select the most recent and powerful equipment to create and hold the network. Caution : As of today, for technical reasons, the tablet hosting the network cannot be used for the « leader » role during that session
  • You may also use an existing and available WIFI network. Just connect tablets to that network, as you do usually. In that case, we cannot guarantee the performance of the connection.
  • Finally, you can buy a WIFI router (cost less than 30 $) to create and host the network. Installation and configuration are usually very simple. You just need then to plug the router in the rehearsal room, connect manually the tablets. This solutions is the safest and recommended when using ChorusPlay with more than 5 connected tablets.

When the leader is connected to the network, click on “Accept Followers” (from the “Leader” space). Followers can, during the next 2 minutes, connect to the leader, by being connected to the network and select “Connect to the leader” (from the space “follower”). If the 2 minutes are passed, leader can press again “accept the followers”, in the “Leader” space or from a music sheet. You may face difficulties to initialize the connection leader/follower, although you are affectively on the same network. In that case, restarting the follower tablet should solve the incident. If not, restart the leader tablet. You can also connect a smartphone to visualize the number (or the letter, if any) of the current bar. For that, open the app on the smartphone, select mode “I practice with my group”, then « Connect to the leader » from the “Current bar” space. Then you can open the piece, select your part and play!

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