How to use ChorusPlay as a "follower"?

You have downloaded ChorusPlay application and the materials for the piece.

Open ChorusPlay and connect your tablet to the leader (see this article).

Select the music work and the voice you will play. Then you will be guided by the leader who is connected with you. As you prefer, use the tablet in a vertical or horizontal mode (for choirs music sheets, vertical mode may be forced to avoid a too quick scrolling on the screen).

Before the end of a page, the first lines of the next page will appear on the top of the screen for you to anticipate your reading (preview functionality).

To reach directly the starting bar selected by the leader, select the button . Highlight your voice or not, by opening left menu  and pressing (voices are by default colored for choirs).

The button  allows you to select your mode as a follower:

  • (by default) : the indication moves in a continuous way, the transition between bars avoids disturbances
  • : the current bar is lighted, then the next bar, without transition
  • : the current row is lighted, “you are somewhere on this row”
  • : by default, nothing is lighted, but when you push with your finger anywhere on the screen , “fluid” mode is activated during few seconds: this allows you to catch back the ensemble when lost

When the starting bar is colored in green, this means you are free to move on the sheet. When the starting bar is colored in blue, this means that the leader has taken the lead by pushing the pedal, the group has started to pay or sing. Then you do not have control of your screen. When the director stops, the leader should push the button to free up your screen back. If the leader misses to push “stop”, just ask him or her! 😉

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