How to use ChorusPlay in the "leader" role?

You have already installed on your tablet ChorusPlay application and the prepared materials of the pieces for the rehearsal.

If you intend to use the pedal instead of your finger (see the end the end of this article), connect the pedal, then open ChorusPlay (on some equipment, you may need to connect the pedal before starting the tablet). Connect your tablet as leader with all the followers tablets (see this article).

Select the piece, and your voice. From now, you will permanently guide the tablets connected to you.

Press with your finger the bar the director asks to start with: the bar is lighted on the followers tablets, as on yours. If you have connected an equipment to visualize the bar number (see this article), the bar number is effectively visualized.

At your first press on the pedal, or with your finger on , the starting bar will be colored in blue, and that bar will appear on all followers tablets, even if where on an other page. Then, each press will move the lighted bar to the next bar.

To stop, touch the screen with your finger, or press the button . The initial bar will be lighted back, in green. Caution: by default, as soon as you have started the “reading” (bar lighted in blue), followers are forced to follow your selection. We recommend to stop the reading (by pressing the screen, or  button) as soon as you do not play, to “free up” the followers, so they can navigate freely on their sheet.

In case you have lost the starting bar, press the button , which will bring you there.

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