Does each need to prepare himself/herself his material of a new piece?

No, you do not need to prepare the materials yourself.

Maybe another group has already prepared the materials for your new piece. In that case, you will be able to download the support materials from our online catalog ChorusCommunity, for “certified” preparations, and on our exchange platform for “free” preparations.

If preparations are not available yet, we propose an “on demand” preparation service, on our website ChorusCommunity (for choir members mainly), in which we propose you to record voices of your scores by professional singers.

If the support materials are not available, you may organize within your group to prepare them. The goal is that your group is autonomous to prepare materials and take profit of it.
We recommend you to contact directly right holders related to pieces which would not be in the so called « public domain ».

In case of specific question, ChorusPoint will do his best to support you on the usage of the tools itself.

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