Listen to a reduced tempo

With ChorusPlay, it’s possible to slow the audio for a more “precise” listening of your voice or the reference record (Tutti).

To use this feature, open your score, then press the mode selector  and select the “Slow” mode. You can now slow the measures series you want. For this, select the first measure of this series as the starting measure, and do a long press on the last series measure. According to the audio files associated to the score, ChorusPlay will ask you which ones do you want to slow.

After having selected your choice and pressed “OK”, concerned measures are slowed, and then displayed in orange.

You can now listen to them as you like, removing or not the other voices from the audio mixer, if any.

To go back to the normal mode, press the mode selector  and select “Normal”.

Slowed measures will be preserved even if you leave the “slow” mode or the score. However, slowing other measures of the same score will override previously slowed measures.

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